Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with High Bass 2023

Bluetooth speaker is a great and versatile device to have, it can be used with smartphones, laptops, and even as a normal speaker in a PC using an AUX cable. You can also use them as an independent speaker by inserting a pen drive if it has a USB type-a port and playing music stored in it.

Bluetooth speakers under 2000 can also be used on many occasions like birthdays, small parties, at school, etc. But the only thing you have to do is to select the right one which suits your needs and budget. The price range of 2000 rupees has some great and value-for-money speakers which are listed below.

Things To Consider Before Buying

  • Sound Quality: This is the most important thing in a speaker if a Bluetooth speaker has good features but gives an unpleasant sound experience then it should be avoided. A good Bluetooth speaker under 2000 should deliver a great music experience, the highs should be crystal clear, the bass should be thumpy and the vocals should be well audible.
  • Battery Life: At least 7 hours of battery life is a must. You can compromise on it a little bit if the sound quality is better than others.
  • Connectivity: Make sure it has Bluetooth version 5.0 or higher for a fast and stable connection, and an AUX port to connect speakers to PC which doesn’t has in-built Bluetooth.
  • Size and Portability: It depends on your use case, whether you put your Bluetooth speaker on a desk or you want to carry it all the time. Remember size and portability comes at a compromise of music loudness because a small speaker will always have a small wattage speaker output.
  • Additional Features: TWS in my personal opinion is not that useful as buying a better speaker at the combined price of two speakers makes sense rather than buying two speakers of the same model. In some cases, it might be good to buy a speaker with TWS functionality like if your friend also has the same speaker. Almost all speakers come with the TWS feature.
    USB type-a for playing audio directly from pen drives, an SD card slot, and an IP rating that certifies the speaker is water or splashproof are some great features to have.

List of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 rupees 2023

1. boAt Stone 352
2. Portronics SoundDrum P
3. TAGG Sonic Angle 2
4. boAt Stone 650
5. JBL Go 2

1. boAt Stone 352

boAt Stone 352
Photo by Jstech


NameboAt Stone 352
Speaker Output10w RMS
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 5.0, TF card, TWS, and AUX
Battery Backupup to 12 hours (2200mAh)
Water ResistanceIPX7

boAt Stone 352 comes with a premium build quality, it is cylindrical and feels heavy (around 550gm). It comes with a plastic build quality and a lanyard; the bass radiators are on both sides, and they are made of metal. 

The sound quality is pretty amazing, it comes with a 10w speaker output. There is no distortion at high volume levels, the bass is not that punchy, but it is sufficient for most of the users, highs and mids are also well balanced, and the clarity is also decent. 

The cylindrical form factor of Stone 352 helps it to provide a 360-degree audio experience as it comes with dual 5w speakers which are placed opposite to each other. 

If you use two of these using the TWS feature, it will produce more loudness, but it is not recommended, instead buy a single wireless speaker as it will not only provide better audio output but also will come with better features. 

IPX7 Water Resistance, TWS functionality, TF card, AUX support, and Bluetooth V5.0 are some other features of this Bluetooth speaker. In the box, both charging and AUX cables are provided. 

It provides up to 12 hours of music playback on a single charge with its 2200mAh battery and it gets charged in around 1.5 hours using the micro-USB charging port. 

boAt Stone 350 vs boAt Stone 352

boAt Stone 352 is identical to its previous model Stone 350, but there are some minor cosmetic changes like the metal bass radiator, vertical LED notification, and media controls are embossed (raised design). In the sound department, there is a slight change, Stone 350 provides slightly more sharpness and clarity compared to Stone 352 which has a balanced sound output. 

I would suggest that you should check the price of both the products and if there is a price difference of more than 100 rupees then buy the cheaper option else buy Stone 350. Stone 350 is available on Flipkart and Stone 352 on Amazon.


  • Excellent build quality 
  • IPX7 Water Rating 
  • Metal Bass Radiators 
  • 12 hours of battery life 


  • It doesn’t feel like an updated product, they must have added at least a type-c charging port

2. Portronics SoundDrum P

Portronics SoundDrum P
Photo by WhySoTechie


NamePortronics SoundDrum P
Speaker Output20w RMS
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 5.0, TF card, USB type-a, and AUX
Battery Backupup to 12 hours (2200mAh)
Water ResistanceSplashproof

Portronics SoundDrum P are very hefty Bluetooth speaker, this speaker weighs 740gm which is very much but there is a reason for it, this is the only Bluetooth speaker under 2000 rupees in India which comes with two 10W speakers which together provides 20W RMS output. The design is identical to boAt Stone 352, but it is big and heavy. 

Sound quality is best in the segment as it comes with two 10W speakers, loudness is great, distortion can be observed in some songs, but it is very minimal and happens only in some parts, the bass output is also boomy and it doesn’t distort at high volume levels. It also comes with two bass radiators.  

For connectivity, there are so many options, Bluetooth V5.0, USB type-a to insert pen drives, and an AUX port. There is no TWS feature but that’s okay because hardly someone uses it. 

Portronics has claimed them to be splash proof but there is no IP rating specified on their website. 

It comes with a 2000mAh 7.4v battery which is equivalent to a 4000mAh battery, but the battery backup is still less because of the 20W RMS speaker. It takes around 2-3 hours to charge this Bluetooth speaker using the type-c port. 

  • At 50-60% volume it gives a battery backup of around 9 hours 
  • At 80% volume around 6 hours  
  • At full volume, it gives around 4-5 hours of playback. 


  • 20W RMS Output 
  • The audio quality is excellent 
  • USB Type-a for pen drives 
  • Type-c charging  


  • Battery backup is not up to the mark 

3. TAGG Sonic Angle 2

TAGG Sonic Angle 2
Photo by Indori Explorer


NameTAGG Sonic Angle 2
Speaker Output14w RMS
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 5.0, TF card, TWS, and AUX
Battery Backupup to 10 hours (2600mAh)
Water ResistanceIPX5

The form factor of TAGG Sonic Angle 2 is triangular, also ABS plastic and rubber are used in this speaker which gives it a premium feel. The design is also very compact which makes it easy to carry. 

A dual 7w speaker setup with a bass radiator at the bottom. It produces a very loud sound, if you want a loud Bluetooth speaker under 2000 then you should consider this one. Also, at 100% volume, there is no distortion. I would suggest you to use an equalizer with this speaker and select bass preset as it will increase the loudness and punchiness in the bass.  

You can also simultaneously connect two of these Bluetooth speakers as it comes with TWS functionality, and it is also IPX5 rated. Some elementary features include Bluetooth 5.0, AUX support, and a microphone for calling. 

It is packed with a 2600mAh battery which lasts up to 10 hours if you play audio at 60% volume. At 100% volume, it will give you around 6-7 hours of backup. Its battery takes 2 hours to get fully charged. Though it is an upgrade over its previous version Sonic Angle 1, it still comes with micro-USB which is disappointing but not a deal breaker. 


  • Dual 7W speaker output 
  • Super loud with no distortion 


  • Micro-USB port for charging at this price is obsolete 
  • AAC codec is not supported 

4. boAt Stone 650

boAt Stone 650
Photo by SimpleGhar


NameboAt Stone 650
Speaker Output10w RMS
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 5.0, TF card, TWS, and AUX
Battery Backupup to 7 hours (1800mAh)
Water ResistanceIPX5

The build quality is great for the price, metal grill with diamond edge design and rubber on the sides of the speaker adds a ruggedness to this speaker. The size of the speaker is not very compact compared to other Bluetooth speakers, brick-like form factor. All media controls, LED lights, connectivity options, and a micro-USB charging port are given on the right side of the speaker. 

It has dual front-firing 2-inch speakers which give a total 10W RMS output, it is also packed with one bass radiator which literally shakes the speaker on beats. Very loud speaker for the price, the bass is also punchy, decent mid-range (vocals), and the clarity of the music is also maintained at full volume. Sometimes distortion at 100% volume is audible, but it is not audible in every song. 

IPX5 water certification, AUX port, TF card slot, in-built mic, and Bluetooth 5.0 are some common features, with a tripod mount at the bottom of the speaker. 

The claimed battery life is up to 7 hours, in real life scenario it can easily last around 5-6 hours on 90-100% volume. boAt has fitted a 1800mAh Lithium-ion battery which takes around 3.5 hrs to full charge. Only the battery part of this Bluetooth speaker is weak otherwise it is a no-brainer.


  • Rugged build quality 
  • Loudness and bass are great


  • Micro-USB charging port  
  • Battery life is not that great 

5. JBL Go 2

JBL Go 2
Photo by WhySoTechie


NameJBL Go 2
Speaker Output3w RMS
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 4.1, TF card, and AUX
Battery Backupup to 5 hours
Water ResistanceIPX7

The design of JBL GO 2 is very minimalistic and boxy. It comes with a very premium build quality, the body from the sides and back is plastic but it feels like metal. The form factor is super compact, JBL logo on both the front and back(engraved) of the speaker which makes sure that you feel like a proud owner of GO 2. It comes in 12 different vibrant color options which give people the liberty to choose, and that is great. 

IPX7 water certification so you take it on the beach and poolside without worrying about any damage. AUX port so that you can play music directly from your mobile, PC, and laptop. In case your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth then this speaker should be used with an AUX cable. 

It comes with a small 3w speaker output which is very less compared to other Bluetooth speakers under 2000. The music experience is not great considering the price at which this speaker is available. If you are going to use this speaker casually or in a small room, then it is decent otherwise the loudness is not too much and at high volumes the audio distorts. It produces clear and sharp highs, and clarity is also maintained at low volumes (70-80%). 

There are many other great options in this list if you are looking for more loudness and bass with minimal distortion. But if you are a JBL fan then you can consider this entry-level JBL Bluetooth speaker. 

Battery life is decent considering the size of the speaker but not comparable with other speakers under 2000. Before buying, people should know that this will not last more than 5 hours on a single charge. But the charging time of 2.5 hrs is significantly high.  

JBL Go 2 vs JBL Go Essential

JBL Go essential doesn’t come with a built-in microphone and AUX port whereas JBL GO 2 comes with both features. Other than this one minor difference is that JBL GO Essential comes with a 3.1w output and JBL GO 2 with a 3w speaker output. JBL GO 2 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and GO Essential with Bluetooth 4.2, both the Bluetooth versions are outdated.


  • Very Portable and super compact 
  • Premium build quality
  • IPX7 Water certification


  • No type-c charging port
  • Overpriced


Q1. Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000 rupees? 
Ans. With great features like IPX7 water resistance, 12 hours of battery life, superior build quality, and various connectivity options, no doubt boAt Stone 352 is the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 in India 2023. It also comes with 360-degree sound as the speakers are placed opposite each other.

One major drawback is that it still comes with micro-USB for charging which may annoy some users. That’s it no other speaker recommendation to confuse you. 

Q2. Which is the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 with FM radio? 
Ans. Brands are removing FM radio as nowadays very few people use it, that is why the Bluetooth speakers mentioned in this list does not include FM radio but below are links of some speakers which do come with FM radio. Also, FM radio feature is mostly seen in speakers which come in the price range of below 1500 rupees. The speakers under 2000 which have FM radio are now outdated models or the sound quality and other features are not that great. 


I hope after reading this article you might have figured out which Bluetooth speaker matches your needs. Still, if you have any queries or confusion, you can comment below, I will try to reply ASAP.

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