boAt airdrops 641 Detailed Review | Best Gaming TWS earbuds under 3000rs – August 2022

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boAt airdopes 641 review

Spending 3000rs on audio devices especially on TWS is a big amount and you have to be very careful in choosing the best for yourself because there are so many options, boAt has launched its all new- boAt airdopes 641 which are I would say TWS earbuds made for Everyone.

Whether you are a gamer(specially made for you), music lover, movie watcher, an athlete or a normal user. You will not be in regret after buying this product.

boAt has targeted every type of user base by providing the best specifications in the segment. boAt has also maintained price to performance ratio which makes these premium earbuds worth buying under 3000rs in India.

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Factors to Consider While Buying

  • If you want Premium and sturdy looking TWS Earbuds below 3000rs.
  • If you want truly gaming TWS with low latency.
  • If you travel a lot and want a big battery life from your earbuds.

Box Contents

  • boAt Airdopes 641 Earbuds.
  • User Manual, Warranty Card, Product Catalogue, a boAthead sticker and FAQ Card.
  • Type-c Charging Cable.
  • Additional two pairs of soft eartips(Small and Large).

Driver Size 6mm x 2 (Dual Driver)
Controls Touch Controls
Bluetooth Version V5.0 with IWP Technology
Battery Life Upto 30hrs (With Case)
Water Resistance IPX5 Water and Dust Resistant
Charging Port Type-c
Additional Features RGB lights, Beast(Gaming) mode
Price Check Price


Build Quality

The design of the case is identical to a Mouse, it is bulky but lightweight. boAt branding is present on the top and at the back, there is a Type-c port present.

The case is made up of plastic and it looks very durable and sturdy and it justifies the price tag of rupees 3000rs. It comes with a matte coating on it which prevents fingerprint and scratches as compared to the glossy coating which gets scratched in long term.

Lights31 -

The Case also comes with RGB stripes on both sides which looks stunning. It changes colour automatically and cannot be customized.

That’s all for the case now let me tell you about the Earbuds, so the earbuds also come with a plastic build and matte design and in addition to this boAt has also included LED lights which is bright and has breathing effect set on it which gives a gaming vibe to the user.

Comfort & Fit

If you are a gamer or you use TWS or any other audio device for longs then comfort and fitting might be your concern, so I tell you that these earbuds are lightweight and comfortable. The tips on the earbuds come with a 45° Angled design that helps to get a secure fit.

These are not Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) TWS earbuds but after wearing them 60-70% of the sound reduced which means that these earbuds has passive noise cancellation due to its design.

You can also use them while running, gymming or any other activity that includes body movement with no worries. These TWS comes with IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance which means you can use them in the rain stress-freely but don’t try to submerge them in water they may get damaged.

Sound Quality

These TWS are tuned more for gamers because of which Bass is decent not punchy or boomy but it is enough for most of the users it is tuned in such a way to provide an awesome gaming experience because in gaming the bass should be less and the treble should be high to get detailing in sound output, treble are very well balanced, clarity is also amazing.

It has everything which a gaming earbuds must have to provide immersive gaming experience to the user. All the enemy footsteps are well clear. I felt that loudness is not that much it would be better considering the price range.


These earbuds support Bluetooth Version 5.0 and Instant Wake and Pair (IWP) technology which helps in maintaining stable connection with a wide range up to 10m.

Lights21 -

It works well within the range in an open area but if there are some obstacles like door, concrete wall , window etc then the range decreases to 6-8m, range also depends on the devices your earbuds are paired with.

Gaming Experience

boAt Airdopes 641 comes with a Beast Mode which can be activated/deactivated by tapping left earbud four times. In beast mode the sound quality is enhanced the detailing and the sharpness of the sound increases.

In normal mode you can feel a small amount of latency while playing games but as you activate the beast mode you will see that the latency has decreased by a high margin thanks to the the bionic engine and sonic technology used, providing you a smooth gaming experience.

To enhance your gaming experience RGB lights are also present on the charging case as well as on each earbud which changes it colour automatically.

Battery Performance

The case carries a 500mah big battery which gets fully charged in around 1.5-2hrs and each earbuds carries 40mah which is capable of providing upto 6hrs of playtime.

Lights41 -

The charging case can charge the earbuds 5-6 times giving upto total 30hrs of total playback. The charging case is charged using the type-c cable provided in the box.

It doesn’t supports fast charging but it doesn’t matter because boAt has fitted such a big battery in charging case that it won’t be an issue.

Button Controls

  • Single tap on any earbud to Play/Pause.
  • Double tap on Left earbud to play previous track.
  • Double tap on Right earbud to play next track.
  • Long Press any Earbud to Activate Voice Assistant.
  • Single tap on any earbud to Accept/Hang up calls.
  • Long Press on any earbud for 1.5sec to Reject Calls.
  • Tap on left earbud four times to Activate/Deactivate Beast Mode.


  • Premium Build Quality.
  • 6mm Dual Driver.
  • Instant Pairing Technology(IWP).
  • RGB Lights.
  • 30hrs Massive Battery Life.
  • IPX5 Water and Dust Resistance.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Black/Red & White/Orange.


  • No Battery Indicator in the Charging Case.
  • Average Loudness.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Q1. Are boAt Airdopes 641 good for Gaming?

    Ans. Definitely, boAt Airdopes 641 are the best TWS earbuds under the price range of 3000rs in India. These Gaming earbuds comes with premium build quality, good battery life beast mode for dedicated gamers and offers an awesome sound experience. If you have read my detailed review on it thoroughly then you might have a clear view of about it.

  • Q2. How do I reset my boAt Airdopes 641?

    Ans. To reset your boAt airdopes 641 TWS earbuds follow these simple steps:
    Connect it with your smartphone and then tap on forget icon in the Bluetooth settings.
    Now, put both the earbuds in the charging case.
    Now Press and Hold the CTC on both the earbuds for 10 seconds.
    A green LED will glow in the charging case.
    Now close the lid of the charging case.
    Now open the lid and take out both the earbuds, they will start automatically.
    Now your boAt Airdopes are successfully factory reset.

  • Q3. How do I charge my boAt Airdopes 641?

    Ans. To charge your boAt airdopes 641 you first need to charge your charging case using the type-c cable (provided in box) and an adapter.
    • It takes about 1.5-2hrs for the case to get fully charged.
    • After charging the case now put the earbuds in the case in the right orientation and your earbuds will charge automatically.


If you are looking to buy the best TWS Earbuds Under 3000rs in India with in-built gaming mode, which helps to play games like BGMI, COD: Mobile, etc with low latency in order to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner then I would definitely recommend you to checkout this product.

You will get everything which a user wants- premium build quality, latest technology, IPX5 Water Resistamce, big battery life and amazing sound output. It doesn’t dissapoints is any of the aspect in short it is worth buying.




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