boAt Rockerz 450 Pro Review 2022 | Wireless Headphones Under 2000

boAt rockerz 450 pro Review wireless headphones under 2000


SpecificationsboAt Rockerz 450 Pro
TypeOn-ear Bluetooth headphones
MaterialPlastic and metal with matte finish
Driver Size40mm
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, Type-c port and AUX
MicrophoneYes, In-built
BatteryUpto 70 hrs at 60% volume with fast charging

Box Contents

  • Wireless headphones.
  • User manual, product catalog, and warranty card.
  • Type-c charging and an AUX Cable.

Looks and Design

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro are made up of plastic, they are identical to Rockerz 450. They look very premium thanks to the matte finish and good plastic quality. The headband is also made up of plastic but the headband strip which is adjustable is made up of metal for better durability.

There is a boAt logo at the center with an extra matte finish, and the volume controls, AUX port, and charging port are on the right earcup.

These headphones comes with a foldable design which makes them very portable to use. The axis or the joint of the earcup helps the earcup to rotate and fold.


These are on-ear headphones and these types of headphones are designed so that the user can listen to the background sound. The disadvantage is that the earcups apply pressure on the ears and the user starts to feel pain by using the headphones for long hours. If you want to use them for long hours without feeling pain around your ears then you should rest your ears after every hour for 1-2 minutes.

Sound Quality

It comes with a 40mm driver but personally, I am not impressed with this product in terms of sound quality, it gives the same audio experience as its predecessor Rockerz 450, which is approx 700rs cheaper than 450 Pro. The bass is boomy, mids, treble, and vocals are crystal clear. There is very low distortion at full volume but I would recommend maintaining volume below 80% to prevent any ear damage also you will get more battery life from these Bluetooth headphones.

boAt has inflated the battery life in these headphones so much that they have not focused on improving its sound quality but don’t worry the sound quality is not very bad.

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Gaming Performance

While On Bluetooth Mode there is an observable amount of latency if you play multiplayer games but if you play casual games candy crush, clash of clans, etc then it will be okay. Using AUX cable there is no latency and no sound lag. You must use an AUX cable that comes with these headphones to avoid any latency or audio lag as these are not gaming headphones.


There is a dual connectivity option that you can use these headphones wirelessly as well as in wired mode using an AUX cable provided in the box. It comes with Bluetooth Version 5.0 which promises a strong connection in a radius of 10m which is pretty large.

It also supports dual pairing which means that you can connect two devices simultaneously and switch between those two devices without connecting again and again.

Battery Life

boAt claims that if you use boAt Rockerz 450 Pro at 60% volume then you will get up to 70hrs of battery life which is amazing but I recommend you to use them at the 70-80% volume as you will get the best sound experience in that range with a great level of clarity. At around 80% volume you will get around 55-60 hours of battery life.

These headphones take around 1.5hrs to fully charge using the type-c port. They also come with fast charging where 10 mins of charging will provide around 10 hours of battery life.

Button Controls

  • Play/pause: single press the “O” button.
  • Next track: Press and hold the “+” button.
  • Prev. track: Press and hold the “-“ button.
  • Volume increase: Short press the “+” button.
  • Volume decrease: Short press the “-“ button.
  • Press and hold the “O” button for 2 secs to activate the voice assistant.
  • Answer/ hung up an incoming call: short press the “O” button.
  • Reject an incoming call: long press the “O” button for 2secs to reject an incoming call.
  • Last Number Redial: quickly double-press the “O” button.


  • Foldable Design.
  • Massive 70hrs Battery Life.
  • Ultra-Fast Charging.
  • Type-C Port.
  • Available in Black/Blue/Hazel Beige/White.


  • As they are On-Ear Headphones they might feel uncomfortable after long hours of usage.


Q1. What is the difference between boAt Rockerz 450 vs 450 Pro?

Ans. Considering the price difference of approx 700rs between the Rockerz 450 and 450 Pro I would recommend buying the Rockerz 450 because the build quality, material, finish, and cushioning are the same on both of them.

There is a slight difference in audio clarity, 450 Pro provides slightly better clarity and very less distortion at high volume levels compared to the Rockerz 450. But still, it fails to justify the price difference. The thumping of the bass is the same, and the mids, treble, and vocals quality is also identical.

What more you get in Rockerz 450 Pro is-

  • Type-c port.
  • Fast charging(10mins charge= 10 hours of playback)
  • Upto 60 hrs of battery life compared to 15 hrs in Rockerz 450.

I would only recommend 450 Pro over 450 if you don’t want to get into the hassle of charging headphones frequently, want fast charging(it really helps), type-c port so that you can use the same cable for all your devices. Improvement in the audio segment is not that huge to justify the price of 450 Pro.

Q2. Is boAt Rockerz 450 Pro good for calls?

Ans. The microphone quality of the boAt Rockerz 450 Pro is the same as in Rockerz 450. The clarity is good for the price but the loudness would have been more it feels very low in outdoors and also there is no active noise cancellation(ANC). It is good for calls if you are inside or in a less noisy room.

Q3. How do I know if my Rockerz 450 Pro is fully charged?

Ans. While charging, the led turns red and when the headphones are fully charged it turns green indicating a 100% battery level of Bluetooth headphones.

Q4. What is the difference between boat rockerz 450 pro vs 550?

Ans. boAt Rockerz 550 are over the ear Bluetooth headphones compared to Rockerz 450 Pro on-ear Bluetooth headphones. Rockerz 550 is 500rs cheaper than the 450 Pro. Here 450 Pro wins as it has better features to offer.

  • 450 Pro comes with 70hrs of battery life whereas 550 comes with only 20hrs.
  • Charging time is also around 2.5hrs of 550 whereas 450 Pro comes with a type-c port and fast charging.

550 was launched in 2020 and these are pretty old, I hope boAt will launch the updated version of Rockerz 550 as the old model was loved by so many people.

Advantages of Rockerz 550 over 450 Pro

  • Over the ear design of the 550 is very comfortable compared to the on-ear design of the 450 Pro.
  • Bass quality is also better on 550 compared to 450 Pro.

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