Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro Bluetooth Earphones Review | June 2021

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro

boult audio •


  • 12hours Battery Life.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Built-In Microwoofers.
  • IPX5 Rated.
  • Item Weight 28g.

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro is one of the premium Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rs in India. You will get low latency which makes them good wireless Bluetooth earphones for playing games like PUBG & COD: Mobile.

They come with micro-woofers and active noise cancellation. They also come with a 60° Cross In-Ear design which makes them comfortable.

They produce a great sound output with Heavy Bass, maintained vocals and great instrument sound but you might feel some distortion at high Volumes.

Boult has also launched Boult Audio Airbass Q10 under price range of 1500rs for those who like true wireless earbuds check it out.

Box Contents

  • Bluetooth Earphones.
  • A Micro-USB Charging Cable.
  • 2 Extra Pair of Eartips(Small & Large Size).
  • 1 Pair of Earrings for better fitting.
  • An User Manual.
  • A Warranty Card.

Now let’s see how Boult audio ProBass CurvePro perform in different aspects.

Looks & Design

Boult has launched these headphones in three different colour variants- Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Grey and matte coat is used on the neckband as well on the body also, earbuds get a metal build with a boult logo printed on it.

So, look wise these Bluetooth earphones will provide a very subtle and professional look.

Talking about the Design so, it comes with a typical behind the neck design. It has a noticeable difference with its predecessor Boult Audio ProBass Curve in its Volume Controller and some more features are also added otherwise it is very similar both physically and feature-wise to its predecessor.

Build Quality


Plastic and Silicon material are used in the construction of these Bluetooth Earphones. The neckband is made of silicon which is very flexible and soft and you can easily fold and carry them in your pocket or bag.

The Volume Controller and Battery area have a very soft coat which gives you the feeling that you are using premium Bluetooth Earphones.


Earbuds have a Unibody Design which means that the upper part is made up of metal and the Lower part is made up of plastic. The Eartips also has a 60° Cross In-Ear design.


Boult has used Kevlar cables to protect the wire also which will increase the durability of the wires used in these Bluetooth earphones.

Audio Quality

Boult hasn’t told about the Driver size or driver type used in these Bluetooth Earphones but according to my experience the sound quality is amazing, bass is thumping, mid and high frequencies are stable but in some tracks you want feel that punch of bass and the company claims that it has Built-in Micro woofers to enhance bass but that is useless.

They are very loud at 80% volume but if you will increase the volume then slight distortion will interfer in your audio experience.

Microphone Performance

There is a Microphone provided on the left side of the neckband and I love how it performed. I have used it both outdoors and indoors.

There is no issue when you use it indoors, you will get crystal clear sound but in outdoor usage, the other person talking to you might experience some noise especially when there is loud background sound.

I think at this price range it is manageable because most of the Bluetooth Earphones comes with a poor Microphone.


You might see so many negative reviews on its predecessor Boult Audio ProBass Curve regarding connectivity but with these Bluetooth earphones, there is no issue.

They come with Bluetooth Version 5.0 which gives you a wide range but if there is a concrete wall, window, door or any other obstacle between your smartphone and Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro you will get upto 8-9 metre range with no signal loss.

There is a Dual Pairing mode in these Bluetooth Earphones which allows you to connect it with two devices at a time and you can switch between those two devices by pausing the audio from one device and playing from other device.

Gaming Performance

I have played games like COD: Mobile, Apex Legends using Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro and experienced a slight latency lag but if you don’t play multiplayer games and play offline games or lite multiplayer games you will not experience any latency lag in these Bluetooth Earphones.

Battery Performance

I researched online about the battery capacity of these Bluetooth earphones but nowhere on Amazon, Boult and user manual I found it. But according to my usage in which I have used it non-stop for 3-4hours and 3-4hours rest slots for playing games, watching videos on youtube, listening to music and calling at 80% volume, I got around 15-16 hours of playback time.

It has its charging port on the left part of the neckband and Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro comes with Fast Charging which means you can charge it for 10 mins and get upto 1 hour of Battery Backup.

Water Resistance

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro comes with an IPX5 Water & Sweat resistance rating which means that you can use them will gymming, exercising or running. They are resistant to water splashes and sweat.


You will get the Volume Controller on the left side of the neckband. There are three buttons +, – and Multi Function Button below are the list of the functions you can perform using these three buttons.

  • Press + once to Increase Volume.
  • Press and hold + to play the next track.
  • Press – once to Decrease Volume.
  • Press and hold – to play the Previous track.
  • Long Press Multi-Function Button to turn on/off.
  • Press Multi-Function Button once to Play/Pause the track.
  • Press Multi-Function Button once to Accept/End the Call.
  • Press and hold Multi-Function Button for 2 seconds to Reject the Incoming Call.
  • Double Click Multi-Function Button to redial the last call.
  • Click Multi-Function Button for 2 seconds to activate Siri/Google Assistant.

It also has a Call Vibration Alert feature in which the neckband starts to vibrate during incoming calls and alerts you even if you are not wearing the earbuds in your ears.


Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro is a worthy successor from its predecessor Boult Audio ProBass Curve, also the price range on which these Bluetooth earphones are available which is under 1100 Rs(May 2021) is a very good deal to look for. I would recommend that if you get it in the price range of 1000-1300 Rs then you just simply buy them you will not regret.

Below is a Chart of Pros and Cons of Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro.


  • Premium Quality.
  • Metal Unibody Design.
  • Magnetic Earbuds.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dual Pairing.
  • Low Latency for Gaming.
  • Kevlar Cable.
  • Charge 10mins get 100mins Playtime.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Black/Blue/Red.


  • Driver Size and Battery Capacity is not mentioned.
  • Slight Distortion at 100% Volume.

Q1. What is the Difference Between Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro & ProBass Curve?

Ans There is a price difference of 200-300Rs between them and the additional features you get in ProBass CurvePro are:

Call Vibration Alert.
Up to 20m of Range.
10mins charge gives 100mins Playtime.

You can also checkout Boult Audio ProBass Curve here.

Q2. Who is the best ant audio h56 or Boult audio curve neckband?

Ans. Boult Audio curve neckband is better than Ant audio h56 because it has some advantage in the following sections:

Premium Build Quality.
Long Battery Life.
Bluetooth 5.0
Look and Design.

Q3. Does Boult audio neckband support devices with Bluetooth version 4.2?

Ans. Yes, all the boult audio neckbands supports devices with Bluetooth Version 4.2.

Q4. Is Boult Audio a Chinese company?

Ans. No, Boult Audio is an Indian brand. Boult Audio products are mostly made in China but some of their proucts are also made in India.

Q5. How do I claim Boult earphone warranty?

Ans. Anyone can claim boult warranty and get their products registered or replaced if there is any defect /problem with your products by writing to Boult Audio customer care at [email protected] or you can call on +91 95556 02502.

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