Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 GAMING Earphones for BGMI & COD | July 2022

best gaming earphones under 1000rs in India for BGMI and COD: Mobile

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03

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  • Detachable Microphone.
  • Angled 3.5mm jack.
  • Compatible with PC, Mobile and PS5.
  • Free Additional Accessories.

Additional Accessories

Why these Gaming Earphones are best?

  • Looks & Design: The design of these gaming earphones is superb also the colour scheme of re & black gives it a sharp gaming look.
  • Performannce: The driver tuning on Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 is made by taking care of the sounds which a gamer wants during Gaming. It is amazingly balanced for gaming as well as multimedia consumption.
  • Microphone: It comes with dual microphone one is basic and other is detachable which can be use to enhance the microphone clarity. Any Earphones whether it is normal ones do not comes with this feature.

Box Contents

  • WiredEarphones.
  • Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.
  • A Microphone, a splitter cable and a carrying pouch.
  • Additional two pairs of eartips(Small and Large) and a pair of earhooks.

Build Quality


They are made up of plastic and they might appear bulky and heavy to the buyers and they might doubt that Cosmic Byte will fit in their ears or not. I want to clarify that they comfortably fit, also it depends on person to person.

The earbuds though looks bulky but are light in weight. Earbuds come with a glossy finish which is a fingerprint magnet. It also comes with earhooks which helps in good gripping and locking. Earhooks can be replaced by smaller ones or can be removed.


The thickness of the wire is good from the 3.5mm jack to the In-line volume controller but after that, the thickness of the cables from the in-line controller to each earbud but the wire in both areas have the same rubber coating with a nice texture which helps to prevent tear of wires. The joints are also well protected which is a prone area for earphones damage.

The 3.5mm audio jack is gold plated which supports stable connection and it angled to prevent any damage and also help while playing games with claw or 4 fingers.

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 3.5mm Audiojack

Comfort & Grip

As I have told above it comes with Earhooks which inhances the gripping and prevents gaming earphones from falling from ears, each earhooks has L & R indiactor on it. Eartips come with a Angled-design which goes deep inside the ear to give a beter sound experience which is the main objective of these gaming earphones.

 Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Earbuds Design

Gaming Performance(Important)

Audio Quality


If in a word I have to say about its sound quality then I would say “Amazing”. The bass is thumping, loudness is also good, but the balance of treble for that crisp sound is missing, due to that extra bass the treble feels suppressed. For casual listening music and for video consumption they work very well.


As these Gaming earphones are very loud you will be able to identify not only the sounds of enemy footsteps but also the direction whether he is upstairs or just behind the wall or door he is not going to abstain.

I have only tested them in games like BGMI, COD: Mobile and Free Fire which are the most popular multiplayer games and Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 works amazingly in every aspect.

Microphone Output

It comes with dual microphone in which one is present inside the in-line volume controller and the other can be attached to the left earbud via a jack(not 3.5mm). The quality of both the microphone is amazing but the additional mic is superior to the basic mic.

dedicated volume controller of cosmic byte cb ep 03

The attachable mic can be adjusted and the material used in the manufacture of the cord of the microphone is made up of metal. I recommend using the additional microphone to get a better communication with your teammates and won the match with unity.


Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 are compatible with Android, IOS devices both smartphone and tablet. But if you want to use them with your PC/Laptop or Console like Xbox or Playstation you have to use the additional splitter cable which is provided in the box.


  • 10mm Driver.
  • Gaming Look.
  • Tangle-Free Design.
  • Detachable Microphone.
  • Free Accessories.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Only Black & Red.


  • Volume button should be provided in place of slider.

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