JBL Tune 215bt Wireless Earphones by Harman Review| May 2021

JBL Tune 215bt Wireless Bluetooth Neckband under 2000 Rs review
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JBL Tune 215bt

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  • 70 hours Battery Life.
  • Type-c Fast Charging.
  • Premium Build Quality.
  • Foldable Design

Box Contents

  • Wireless Earphones.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Type-c Charging Cable.

Build Quality

JBL Tune 215bt looks very premium and attractive to the eyes and it is due to the good quality of plastic, wire and rubber used in its manufacturing. These Bluetooth Earphones comes with behind the neck design which is good.

JBL Tune 215bt comes in six colour variants- Black, Blue, Green, Gold, White and Purple.


The Neckband is flattened and is made up of soft silicon which ensures top-class comfort well I have made a separate section below to tell you about its comfort and grip. Due to soft silicon, it is very portable which makes it very portable that you can easily carry it in your pockets.


JBL Tune 215bt earbuds design
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It comes with a Half-In Ear Design with a rubber coat which makes them comfortable and so that you can use them for long hours without feeling any pain or heat on your ears. This design also helps in better gripping so that earbuds will not fall while running or exercising. L & R indicators are embedded on both earbuds.


As I have mentioned above that it comes with flattened cables which provide better protection as compared to the normal thin circular cables. A nice texture is also provided on wire cables which is also a nice touch and feel feature.

Comfort & Grip

As the earbuds of JBL Tune 215bt comes with Half-in ear design. Now some people might doubt about the fitting, will they fit on my ears? If you have very small ears like a 13yrs old then these are not going to fit but I am sure that most of you have normal or large sized ears. This design also prevents earbud from slipping from your ears.

Half-In ear designed earbuds are always comfortable for example realme buds classic. These are made for that user who has comfort as its priority.

Sound Quality

JBL is a well-known brand in terms of sound quality. It comes with a 12.5mm driver and the reason for that big driver size is its Half-In Ear Design because of this design there is no noise isolation that can be provided so the bass becomes weak, JBL has smartly played and has increased its driver size so that the signature JBL bass can be maintained.

JBL Tune 215bt driver size
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Bass is very deep, punchy, rich and thumping, that Signature JBL bass. The bass is not over thumping or overwhelming so if you like over thumping bass then it might not satisfy you, bass is balanced and stable.

Instrument Separation is also good, the frequencies do not mix match which is nice, vocals are crystal clear and treble are stable.JBL Tune 215bt supports SBC and AAC codec.


These Bluetooth earphones comes with Bluetooth Version5.0 which provides maximum 12metres of range in a straight line but if there are any obstacles like a window, doors, concrete wall or any other electronic device between your devices and JBL Tune 215bt then you might get only up to 7metres of range and if any device exceeds that range the signal will lost.

It also comes with dual pairing which allows user to connect these Bluetooth earphones with two devices simultaneously.

Gaming Performance

There is no specific gaming or low latency mode provided and as it supports SBC and AAC codec there is slight latency which can be observed while playing games like COD: Mobile and many other multiplayer games. How much latency the user will experience also depends upon the device paired with HIgh-End device might give you a good experience.

Battery Performance

JBL tune 215bt type-c charging
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It comes with 130mAh battery capcity which takes about 1hr and 55mins to get fully charged. It comes with type-c interface and JBL claims that by charging for 10mins you can get up to 1hr of music playback. Company also claims to provide 16 hours of music playback but I got around 12hrs and 30mins of playback at 100% volume.

Button Controls

All the Button controls are in-line with left earbud.

  • Play/pause: single press the “O” button.
  • Next track: Press and hold the “+” button.
  • Prev. track: Press and hold the “-“ button.
  • Volume increase: Short press the “+” button.
  • Volume decrease: Short press the “-“ button.
  • Press the “O” button Twice to activate the voice assistant.
  • Answer/ hung up an incoming call: short press the “O” button.
  • Reject an incoming call: long press the “O” button to reject an incoming call.
  • Press and Hold “+” & “O” to enable dual pairing mode.

One thing which I feel is that after pairing the LED light keeps on glowing which obviously consumes some amount of battery life which could be customized to get extra battery life but some people might feel this feature useful.


  • 12.5mm Driver.
  • Premium Look.
  • Tangle-Free Design.
  • Dual Pairing.
  • 16 hrs Battery Life.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Type-C Port.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Black/Blue/Gold/Purple/Green/White.


  • No Magnetic Earbuds.
  • No Water Resistance Certification.
  • No call Vibration alert.

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