Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband with Touch controls and call vibration| May 2021

Noise Flair Bluetooth Earphones/Neckaband with touch controls review

Noise has just launched its all-new Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband which comes with mind-boggling features like touch controls, vibration alert, ultra-fast charging and many more features which we will see later in this article. It is priced at 1799 Rs in India with four colour variants- Black, Grey, Blue and Green but the price might increase so hurry up and buy one for yourself.

It is India’s First Bluetooth Neckband which comes with touch controls later in this blog you will see how to use it.

Noise Flair

n5 •


  • UP TO 35 hours Battery Life.
  • Ultra-Fast Charging.
  • Touch Controls.
  • IPX5 Rated.
  • Dual Mic Calling.
  • Item Weight 35g.

Box Contents

  • Bluetooth Neckband.
  • User Manual and Warranty Card.
  • 2 Extra pair of Eartips(Small and Large).
  • 2 Extra pair of Earhooks for better fitting.
  • Type-c Charging Cable.

Now let’s see how Noise Flair perform in different aspects.

Looks & Design

It comes with a dual-tone colour and a matte coat is also used on the neckband as well as on the body, plastic and silicon material is used in the manufacturing of the body and neckband respectively.

Noise Flair Metal earbuds

It comes with a typical bluetooth neckband design but the neckband is thick and the point from very wire comes out is also at a different spot on the body.

Build Quality


The quality and thickness of the neckband are very good, it is very soft and comfortable. Although the body is made up of plastic but still it feels very premium because of the nice material used and matte finish. So, look wise these Bluetooth earphones will provide a very premium feel although it is plastic build and is worth every penny.

On the right side, there is nothing except Noise branding but on the left side you will get to see so many things which are, a type-c fast charging port, a LED indicator, a microphone and a touch area that can be used to perform various functions.


Earbuds are made up of metal and trust me they look extremely premium. Three pair of eartips and earhooks are provided in which both medium-sized are attached with Noise Flair and can be replaced by larger or smaller ones.

Noise Flair Comfortable Grip

On the centre of the earbuds, Noise logo is printed which again also looks good. There is a proper metal mesh provided that ensures that there should be no dust entering in your earbuds, unlike other earphones which provide a netting that easily gets damaged.


Noise Flair comes with Qualcomm Chipset and Bluetooth v5.0 and which supports a great feature called instant pairing. So, if you don’t want to play music but want to wear the neckband you can just attached the magnetic earbuds with each other and music will stop as you will separate the earbuds from each other music will start from the same point.

Noise Flair works great up to the range of 15m from the receiver(smartphone) without any obstruction but if there is a thick wall, door, window or any other electronic device then you might get a range up to 10m without any signal loss.

The Dual Pairing feature is very handy if you want to hear music from two devices(Not Simultaneously) and it is also provided in Noise Flair. You might feel a1-2 seconds delay during changing music from one device to other but that is acceptable.

Sound Quality

The audio quality of Noise Flair is also very impressive. You will get 10mm driver with it but don’t worry these 10mm driver are a lot better than some of those Bluetooth earphones with a 12mm driver because the customization and quality of the driver on Noise Flair are better.

Bass is heavy, mids, treble is also good and the best thing I liked about this Bluetooth Neckband is that the vocals don’t feel overpowered as the bass and treble are high. The sound is crystal clear and balanced, instrument separation is also well done. You will feel the direction from where the sound is coming though Noise hasn’t talked about the surround sound in Noise Flair.

If you want to buy the best Sounding Bluetooth Earphones/Neckband then you should definitely consider it.

Battery Life

Noise claims that the user will get around up to 35 hours of playback at 70% Volume. But during my usage I got around 30-31 hours playback at 80% volume. I used it for playing games, calling, movies and videos watching and music listening.

Noise Flair typr-c Ultra-Fast Charging

Noise has just nailed it by giving Ultra-fast charging features which means if you charge it for 8 minutes you will get around 8hours of playback, it gets fully charged in around 40-45mins and all this was possible using the type-c Charging which is fast and convenient to use.

IP Rating

It comes with an IPX5 rating which means that it is sweat and water proof and you can use them while running, gymming, exercising, etc. Even if they get wet in rain then also they work perfectly fine.

Gaming Performance

Noise Flair comes with a Low latency feature that makes sure that you will get a good latency between 80-90ms but I would recommend gaming headphones if you want to play multiplayer games like COD: Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Apex Legends, etc. But for normal games, it delivers a butter smooth sound.


So you might not be familiar with the touch controls as almost all of you might have used button controls. So, below are the functions that you can perform using the touch sensor.

Noise Flair touch controls
  • Attach the earbuds together to Switch On and separate them to Switch Off the Neckband.
  • Tap twice to play the next track.
  • Tap thrice to play the Previous track
  • Tap once to Play/Pause the track.
  • Tap once to Accept an Incoming Call.
  • Tap twice to End Call.
  • Tap Thrice to Reject the Incoming Call.
  • Hold for 2 seconds to activate Siri/Google Assistant.


  • Premium Quality.
  • Metal Unibody Design.
  • Magnetic Controls.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dual Pairing.
  • Low Latency for Gaming.
  • Charge 8mins get 8hrs Playtime.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Black/Blue/Grey/Green.


  • Personally I don’t found touch control to be that practical also there is no option to increase volume via neckband.

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