Redgear Cloak RGB Gaming Headphones In-depth Review|India May 2021

Redgear Cloak Review
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Redgear Cloak

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  • 50mm Driver.
  • Adjustable Mic.
  • Over the Ear Design.
  • RGB Element.
  • Item Weight 460g.

Let’s talk about how Redgear Cloak Gaming Headphones perform in different aspects.

Box Content

  • A User Manual.
  • Gaming Headphones.

Build Quality

These Gaming headphones come with a plastic build and aluminium build used in a headband with leather cushioning on the top. It comes with a matte finish and glossy at the centre. It also comes with a volume controller and microphone which cannot be detached but is adjustable.

It also comes with RGB which glows at the centre and on the microphone tip which gives it a very nice touch of gaming but we cannot control the RGB, it glows with its rainbow effect as shown in the image.

Fit Quality

It has the best cushioning which has been provided for the Gamers who use to stream or play games for long hours. If your head is short then it might annoy you as it will gradually slide down from your ears.

Sound Quality

Redgear has provided a great sound quality which is made possible with its 50mm driver. The sound of the enemy footsteps is crystal clear. But I found the loudness to be a little low as compared to the other gaming headphones in the market.

Wire Quality

The wire quality is good it is very thick and it comes with two 3.5mm Audio jack and one Type A connector. It cannot be used in mobile phones which might be a deal breaker for some of the mobile gamers.


  • 50mm Driver.
  • Volume Controller.
  • The Audio Output is good.
  • Build Quality is Great.
  • RGB Element.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Only Black.


  • No Braided Cable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Which is better Redgear Cloak or Cosmic Byte Spider?

Ans. See there is a price difference of 300 Rs for the updated price you can click the Buy Now button above and for cosmic Byte Spider. If the price difference is more than 500 Rs then don’t buy Cosmic Byte Spider.

Q2. Can Redgear Cloak headphones be used without splitter cable on phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use these Gaming Headphones without a splitter Cable but you have to compromise with Audio or Microphone. I recommend them to use them with a splitter cable.
But the splitter cable will cost between 250-300 Rs and if haven’t bought these Headphones till now then you can buy Cosmic Byte Spider which comes with a Single 3.5mm Jack For both Audio & Mic also it has a lot more features like Braided Cable, In-Line Controller, etc.

Q3. Is Redgear cloak compatible for ps4?

Ans. Yes, it is compatible with PS4.

Q4. What is RGB in a headset?

Ans. RGB (Red Green Red) are the three primary colors using which we can make different colors. It is mainly used in TV, Monitor , Lights to controls different color from same pixel or bulb.

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