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By Nikhil Kumar Chandra

UNDER 500 rs

Best Earphones

#1 realme Buds 2

realme buds 2 are the successor of realme buds with an improved 11.2mm bass boost driver which gives a balanced output.

It comes with a plastic body but that looks premium. It has great wire quality which is obviously braided with a nice texture on it.

Bass is thumping and punchy, mids and highs feel less and vocals because of heavy bass feel muffled.

#2 Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop

It has the best design under the price bracket of 500. The Earbuds are made up of aluminium. The Earbuds are made up of aluminium and these are the only branded earphones under 500 with aluminium build quality.

It comes with an adjustable ear-loop using which it  fits comfortably in every ear size. Bass is Heavy and boomy, vocals are crystal clear and instrument separation is also good.

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#3 realme Buds Classic

realme buds classic are one of the cheapest earphones on our list but still it comes with whopping 14.2mm driver which makes them perfect for one who listens to high bass audios. They are the only half in-ear earphones under 500 on our list.

They fit comfortably in ears but many people might not like the design so, I would recommend the Boult Audio Bassbuds loop as an alternative.

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Redmi Earphones are one of the balanced earphones below 500 in terms of sound and features.
It comes with premium aluminium build earbuds. They are very lightweight (13g) with a 1.25m cable Length.

It comes 10mm, dynamic Driver, for balanced output. bass is deep, treble and mids are also clear and loud, vocals are also clear but at 70-80% volume after that means at 80-100 % distortion can be experienced depending on the type of music.

#4 Redmi Earphones

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The build quality is really amazing of these earphones. Earbuds are made up of plastic. It comes with a sporty look that looks premium and the design is really different from other boAt earphones and neckband.

Earhooks also comes attached with the earbuds and can be detached. The earhooks ensures a secure fit. These earphones have the best comfortable earbuds under 500 rs in India.

#5 boAt bassheads 242

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