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By Nikhil Kumar Chandra


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These Headphones comes with plastic build quality but there is some use of metal near the L and R sign.
 These headphones come with a 40mm driver which literally produces a very loud sound, the bass is average, mids and lows are stable.

 The company has not told about the size of the battery but it gives you around 16 hours of battery life if you listen to music at 50% volume.

#1 Zebronics Zeb-Bang

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#2 boAt Stone 370

These bluetooth headphones are full plastic build but the finish and design is very premium and unique respectively.

boAt is a renowned brand in terms of sound quality and this product do not dissapoints. You will love to listen heavy bass and pop songs.

It takes around 2 hours to full charge its 300mAh battery and it provides 8-9hrs of music playtime at 70% volume with 180hrs of standby time.

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These headphones come with plastic with a matte finish which looks good at this price range. The Headband is also very flexible and also it is adjustable.
Leaf claims that it comes with deep bass but honestly the bass feel thumping and the mids and trebles are stable but you must increase the volume of your phone to max and then increase the headphones volume using its buttons.

These headphones give a whooping 10hrs of playback with 20 mins charge and 3.5-4hrs of usage

#3 Leaf Bass

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Although these headphones come with a plastic build and matte finish they nice and sturdy. The headband is also adjustable.
These headphones might be the best sound Bluetooth headphones under 1000 Rs because they provide everything to give you the best sound experience, the bass is punchy, mids and treble are stable and crystal clear sound.

These headphones comes with 400mAh battery which gives you 12hrs of playback and its gets charged in around 2.5hrs. But you can use them using AUX cable which is provided in the box.

#4  pTron Studio

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These headphones comes with a plastic build with a matte finish. It is the best Bluetooth Headphones under 1000 Rs in terms of features it is offering.

 Sound Quality is good on these Headphones, vocals are crisp clear, mids and highs are stable but i feel the bass to be slightly on the low side but leaving it everything is just fine.
You will get around 9hrs of music playback at 50% volume and these earphones gets fully charged in around 2.5hrs.

#5 Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

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