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By Nikhil Kumar Chandra


boat rockerz 641


Dual 6mm x 2 drivers
IPX5 Water Resistance
Bluetooth Version 5.0 with IWP
RGB Lights
Up to 30 hours of battery life

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Build Quality

The case is made up of plastic and it looks very durable and sturdy and it justifies the price tag of 3000rs. It comes with a matte coating on it which prevents fingerprint and scratches

Detailed Review

These are tuned more for gamers because of which Bass is decent not that punchy but it is enough for most of the users, it is tuned in such a way to provide an great gaming experience.

Sound Experience

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If you are a gamer or you use TWS or any other audio device for longs then comfort and fitting might be your concern, so I tell you that these earbuds are lightweight and comfortable.

Fit Quality

The case carries a 500mah big battery which gets fully charged in around 1.5-2hrs and each earbuds carries 40mah which is capable of providing upto 6hrs of playtime.

Battery Backup

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