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By Nikhil Kumar Chandra

Connect Bluetooth Speakers To PC/Laptop without any Bluetooth

How to Do?

There are 3 methods, (Method 2 is FREE) to connect your Bluetooth speakers or other devices with your PC or laptop.

Method No: 1

In almost every Bluetooth speaker or headphone, an AUX port is always present to connect with a PC/Laptop/Mobile and with almost every Bluetooth speaker.

Connect Using AUX

Best AUX in Budget

Benefits of WIred Connection

Reduces the latency while gaming and streaming.

 Saves the battery life of speakers or headphones by using connected device as a power source.

More in Detail

There is a sofware called SoundWire using which you can connect you bluetooth headphones or speakers to your laptop or PC which does not have any Bluetooth.

Method 2: Connect Using a Software(Free)

Download Software
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If your PC motherboard or your laptop in case don't have Bluetooth or has stopped working then it is better to buy a Bluetooth adapter.

Method 3: Buy a Bluetooth Adapter

Best Bluetooth Adapter
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