By Nikhil Kumar Chandra

Tribit Xsound Go Review

Metal Grill and soft plastic with matter finsih
Dual front-firing 8w speakers
Up to 24 hours of battery life with an 4400mAh battery
IPX7 water resistance


Build Quality

This is a capsule-shaped compact Bluetooth speaker. The design is very premium with its metal grill is front and body is made of plastic with a matte finish for a premium finish.

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It comes with dual 8w front-firing speakers which produce a total output of 16w. The vocals clarity is excellent, and the bass is also balanced. Some distortion is observed at 90-100%.

Sound Quality

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It carries a 4400mAh battery which lasts for approx. 24 hours at moderate volume, but if you play the speaker at 70-80% of its volume then it will provide approx. 14-15 hours of playtime. 

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