Zebronics Zeb-Duke Wireless Bluetooth Headphones In-Depth Review| May 2021

Zebronics Zeb-Duke Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
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Zebronics Zeb-Duke

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  • 40mm Driver.
  • Dual Pairing.
  • 30hrs Battery Life*.
  • 7 Colour RGB Element.
  • Item Weight 210g.

Box Contents

  • Headphones.
  • AUX Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • USB Charging Cable.

I strongly recommend this product if you want to buy the best Bluetooth headphones under 1500 Rs in India.

Let’s talk about how Zebronics Zeb-Duke performs in different aspects.

Build Quality

The main body is made up of plastic with a matte finish, and the headband (adjustable) is made of very durable steel.

The cushioning provided on the headband is soft, but on earcups, it is super soft.

Zebronics has not mentioned if it is leather, but I can assure you that it is not made of leather.

Left & Right indicator is on the headband, and there is a flattened connecting cable between battery and drivers which runs along with the headband.

Multimedia Controller is provided with +, – and Multi-Function Button, a LED Light, and a Microphone. A Micro-USB port is present for charging and a 3.5mm Audiojack, which come in handy during low battery and Gaming.

Zebronics Zeb-Duke also comes with RGB Element on the circular ring, a metallic mesh from inside, and Zebronics Logo on each side.

Press and Hold both + and – Button to turn On/Off RGB. 6 RGB colours that cannot be controlled and changes automatically (rainbow effect).

Audio Controls

  • Play/pause: single press the “O” button.
  • Next track: Press and hold the “+” button.
  • Prev. Track: Press and hold the “-“ button.
  • Volume increase: Short press the “+” button.
  • Volume decrease: Short press the “-“ button.
  • Press and hold the “O” button for 2 secs to activate the voice assistant.
  • Answer/ hung up an incoming call: short press the “O” button.
  • Reject an incoming call: long press the “O” button for 2secs to reject an incoming call.
  • Last Number Redial: quickly double press the “O” button.

Charging: RED LED Glows.
Complete Charging: RED LED OFF.
Pairing mode: Red & Blue Led blinking alternatively.

Fit Quality

The earpads on these headphones feel so firm that you can wear them all day without experiencing any pain in the ears. The Cushioning on the Headband is not as big as it is on the earpads, but it is also very soft. These Headphones are Over the ear Headphones, which assure that you will not feel pain as the earpads fit around the ear, not on the ear.

Sound Quality


These Headphones are one of the best sounding Bluetooth headphones under 1500 Rs as the bass is thumping, mids and treble are stable. At Max volume, you might feel your head shaking, and also, there is a very impressive and very minimal distortion.


Audio Quality is the same, but there is a difference in loudness; it gets slightly low.

I don’t know how Zebronics has tuned it, but these Bluetooth headphones don’t feel like headphones under the category of 1500 Rs if you are a bass lover or just a music enthusiast, you can buy Zebronics Zeb-Duke with your eyes closed.

Call Quality

This might be the most significant disadvantage in Zebronics Zeb-Duke, and that is the Microphone quality.

It is not so loud, but the other person you are talking to or playing games will be able to hear your voice.

Gaming Performance

It is not a good decision to play games wirelessly as there will be a sound delay/latency. Still, there is a 3.5mm Audiojack port available, and an AUX cable is also provided by which you can play games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, COD: Mobile without any issue.

You also get RGB lighting on these headphones, which give them a gaming look, but you can’t control RGB; you can only turn it On or Off.

Battery Life

These Headphones provide a good battery life. Though Company has claimed 30 hrs of battery life, you will get only 20 hrs at 50% volume and around 13-14hrs at 100% Volume with RGB On but with RGB Off, you can get additional 3-4 hours of battery backup.

These Headphones take around 2hrs to get fully Charged.

If the battery is low, don’t worry; you can use a 3.5mm Audiojack to listen to your favourite music and play games but remember to turn RGB Off otherwise, your phone or laptop battery level will decrease.

Zebronics Zeb duke Pros and Cons


  • 40mm Driver.
  • Soft Cushioning.
  • Dual Pairing
  • Deep Bass.
  • Premium Built.
  • 30hrs Battery Life*.
  • 6 Colour RGB Element.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available in Black/Blue/Green.


  • Microphone Quality is Average.
  • Volume Controls are Small.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Zebronics Zeb-Duke good?

Ans. Of course, these headphones fulfil all the requirements. The sound Quality (mids, treble, and bass) is perfectly balanced, and the design of these headphones is also very fantastic and with that RGB On Zebronics Zeb-Duke becomes the best choice for those who want to buy the best headphones under 1500 Rs in India.

Q2. How do I activate voice assistant in Zeb Duke?

Ans. Press and hold the “O” button for 2 secs to activate the voice assistant.

Q3. Does Zebronics Zeb-Duke have a memory card slot?

Ans. Ans. It doesn’t come with a memory card slot, but Zebronics Zeb-Thunder comes with a dedicated Micro-SD Card slot. You can visit the top 7 best headphones under 1000 Rs list for further information about Zebronics Zeb-Thunder.

Q4. Can Zebronics Zeb-Duke run on wired mode?

Ans. Yes, you will get a 3.5mm Audiojack on these headphones and an AUX cable to listen to music and play games wirelessly without any Latency/Audio Lag.

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