Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless Headphones Detailed Review | May 2021|

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Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

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  • 40mm Driver.
  • Micro-SD Card Slot.
  • Dedicated Call Button.
  • Built-in FM Radio.
  • Item Weight 147g.

Let’s talk about how Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless Headphones perform in different aspects.

Box Content

  • A User Manual.
  • An AUX Cable.
  • A Micro-USB Charging Cable.
  • Headphones.

Build Quality

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder comes with a plastic build and a matte finish but don’t compare them with Zebronics Zeb-Duke. The L&R indicators are embedded just below the headband strip. The headband is also adjustable. All the Multi-Function buttons and the On/Off button is on the left earcup.

On the Left Earcup, there is a Microphone for calling and voice assistance, a 3.5mm Audiojack, LED notification light, a micro-USB for charging, multimedia controls and a micro-SD card slot that supports upto 32GB micro-SD card.

LED Indications

  • Red LED glowing – Charging.
  • Red LED turns Blue – Full charge.
  • Blue LED blinks  – BT Discover Mode.
  • Blue LED glows constantly – Headphone is connected to a device

Fit Quality

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder fits snugly as they are very lightweight and comes with over the ear design. These headphones have very good cushioning but the cushioning on the earcups is not as soft as on the headband but it is also soft. The headband is also adjustable so, if you have a big head then you can adjust it also.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality is good on these Headphones, vocals are crisp clear, mids and highs are stable but I feel the bass to be slightly on the low side but leaving it everything is just fine. If you do movie watching, gaming or just casual music listening you should definitely check them out.

Battery Backup

You will get around 9hrs of music playback at 50% volume and these earphones get fully charged in around 2.5hrs. But you can also listen to music using the Micro-SD card slot and the AUX cable during low battery in headphones for non-stop music listening.


These headphones comes with Bluetooth Version 4.2 which nowadays is not in trend but company claims that the operating range of these headphones in wireless mode is upto 8-10 metres depending upon the obstacles between the connection can also affect the range.

No worries because you have three more options:

  1. Use them wiredly using the AUX cable which is provided by the company in the box.
  2. Use a Micro-SD card(Upto 32GB) filled with your favourite music.
  3. Use Built-In FM Radio to listen to your favourite radio FM.


Can we play games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, COD: Mobile, Apex Legends, etc on Zebronics Zeb-Thunder headphones? The Answer is Of course, you can do gaming on these headphones but you have to use them wiredly because if you use them wireless you will surely get latency in sound.


  • 40mm Driver.
  • Micro-SD Card Slot.
  • Built-In FM Radio
  • Lightweight & Comfortable.
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Available In Black/Blue/Brown/Red.


  • It Comes with Bluetooth 4.2

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is zebronics better than boAt?

Ans. In the category of Bluetooth headphones boAt hasn’t launched any headphones under 1000Rs in India so there is no comparison. But some wireless headphones or other products by boAt in other categories are better than zebronics products.

Q2. Is Zebronics Zeb-Thunder has mic?

Ans. Yes, it has a Microphone using which you can attend calls and activate voice assistant.

Q3. Is zebronics made in China?

Ans. No, it is an Indian brand. The company was established in the year 1997 and the headquarters of the company is in Chennai. But most of their products are made in China so people thought that it is a Chinese brand but now Zebronics has started to manufacture their products in India.

Q3. How long does the zebronics Zeb-Thunder take to charge fully?

Ans. It takes around 2.5rs to get fully charged.

Q4. In zebronics Zeb-Thunder headphones I’m experiencing that when it is connected to BT the sound comes later when playing games

Ans. If you want to play games without latency lag you have to use them wiredly, there is a AUX cable connect the headphones with the devices with them and then you will not face any sound related issue in gaming.

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